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Barbel and carp have a very acute sense of smell and taste; they spend a lot of their time in murky or flooded water searching for food. These Oozing Pellets are designed to help the barbel or carp find these baits in the worst of conditions due to their intense flavour and colour combinations.

During manufacturing, these Oozing Pellets are made with high levels of soluble ingredients, including flavours and colours. Once in the water, you can see the flavour and colouring leaking off in the water; just what you need to make your hookbait visible in murky conditions and, to let the flavour leak off downstream to pull fish towards your hookbait. The oozing trail will leak off these baits for up to 24 hours, giving you full confidence that your baits are as effective as possible.

Available in three proven flavours, all extremely effective at catching carp and barbel, these hookbaits are sure to put more fish on the bank.

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