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Sonubaits Pro Expanders have taken the bait world by storm, removing the requirement of a pellet pump when preparing expander pellets and providing quality expander pellets without hassle. Now, such has been the success of the Pro Expander range, we have unleashed a pre-prepared version for those of you who prefer the ease of having ready-to-use hookbaits waiting in your carryall.

Available in 6mm and 8mm sizes in a host of your favourite flavours including F1, Fishmeal, Bloodworm, Krill and our latest flavour sensation, Banoffee. Pre-Prepared Pro Expanders are supplied in a generous tub featuring a screw-fasten lid designed to keep your bait in tip-top condition.

Thanks to our new and unique manufacturing process Pre-Prepared Pro Expanders are easily hookable whilst remaining durable and completely user-friendly. Perfect for use on the pole, waggler or feeder.

A NEW addition to our popular pre-prepared expander range, Salted Caramel Pro Hookable Expanders. Available in two sought after sizes, 6mm & 8mm. Each tub contains a generous amount of hookbaits that can be easily hooked direct or hair-rigged for use with pole, waggler or bomb/feeder tactics.

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