Nutrabaits Nut Sludge 200ml


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Our Topper Oil range is a perfect additive for PVA bags or for squirting onto boilies, pellets and in spod mixes. Also proven to be a big favourite with match men fishing several lines. The uses for this range are limitless. 

This new and exciting range is a concept giving you a clear indication when fish are feeding on your baited area. The Nut Sludge has been blended in house with liquid foods, nut oils, peanut extract along with a special blending process. Being a high density oil that is trapped in the liquid blend allowing the oil to sit on the lake bed, slowly releasing tiny droplets of oil through the water column for up to 4 hours in summer and even longer in colder temperatures – creating a constant small flat spot above your baited area on the lake surface. The magic happens when fish are feeding on your baited area an even bigger flat spot as the liquid is disturbed by fish feeding.

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Nutrabaits Nut Sludge 200ml