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The Chuckit! Whistler grabs dogs' interest for engaging games of fetch, encouraging dogs to leap and chase. These balls include four sound holes that produce a whistle as the ball soars through the air, attracting pets' interest for added excitement. Featuring a natural, high-bounce rubber construction, Chuckit!'s Whistler ball bounces higher and farther than standard tennis balls. Ideal for outdoor use, the durable rubber surface withstands tough play and is resistant to dirt and slobber for convenient cleaning.WHISTLES WHEN THROWN: Chuckit!'s whistling ball is designed with four sound holes that create a whistling sound in the air, making fetch more exciting for dogsHEALTHY PLAY: For stimulating playtime that helps pets stay fit, the Chuckit! whistle ball encourages pets to leap and chaseHIGH-BOUNCING BALL: Made from durable rubber, the Whistler fetch balls for dogs are designed to bounce higher and farther than standard tennis ballsCHUCKIT! LAUNCHER COMPATIBLE: To make fetch even more exciting for pets, the Whistler ball fits small Chuckit! launcherDURABLE DESIGN: To hold up to rough play, the Chuckit! Whistler ball is made of rugged, long-lasting rubberEASY TO CLEAN: The smooth, rubber surface of the Whistler Chuckit! ball resists mess and allows pet parents to easily wash off dirt or slobber

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